2000 VW Golf TDI stage 4

Salvage history

Lots of money in this car.  Currently has around 360k miles.  Ran and pulled very hard.  I’ve been letting my employees borrow the car as needed when there prospective vehicles went down. It’s turning over but not getting fuel based on what my employee is telling me. I haven’t looked at it, don’t really care to.  Most likely worst case the injection pump needs resealed ( I know a guy locally that offers this service), best case he ran it out of fuel which is most likely.  Anyway here’s what its got, it’s worth at least 1500 in parts.  The interior is pretty rough

Full rebuild at 240k

Malone stage 4 with flashzilla

764 nozzles

Vnt-1720180606_092255 (2)

Recaro GTI seats

Alpine head unit, Morel Component front stage

Rear sway bar, Koni orange (i think) shocks with lowering springs

Larger intercooler and piping

3 bar map

K&N intake system

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