2002 Isuzu NPR spray truck diesel 146k with pumps, tanks, reels lawn – $5995 *SOLD*

2002 NPR HD Spray truck 146k miles

4.8L Isuzu turbo diesel engine and Aisin auto trans with only 146k miles

Runs perfect, engine is super clean, absolutely NO leaks. (Engine has been recently replaced with a brand new one)

Transmission shifts well but has to be manually shifted from 1st gear then into drive when starting out, not sure why. But it does shift well through all the gears, doesn’t seem to me much of an issue just a minor inconvenience. ( we can fix this if requested)

Manual windows and locks, NO A/C.

This truck comes with both the hyro-cell H25 and D10. This is $3800 worth of pumps and they runs via PTO off the truck. This is a great set-up as you don’t have to worry about the extra maintenance of multiple engines. The H25 can push 25 gals per minute and the D10 can do 10 gpm. Side door storage area has a rack for all your chemicals, room for a full skid of granular product, and a rack at the door for your spreader. In the rear spray compartment there is space for a back pack sprayer as well, so you could run a full crew out of this truck.

Tank setup is a 500/100 gal split with and extra 10 gal tank over the reels. Everything on this truck is stainless so you don’t have to worry about corrosion. The top reel currently has a dual hose set up witch is really nice. This truck will make you money.

Truck needs a fitting or two replaced in the back, missing one reel worth of hose, and 2 reel motors. $500 in parts and a few hours of work and your up and running 100%

Paint is good, just needs a buff to get the glue from the old wrap off.


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